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Clyde is a product protection platform empowering manufacturers and retailers to offer their customers extended warranties and accident coverage, all while enhancing customer loyalty, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing revenue.


Clyde offers:

  • Customer experience-first platform
  • Fully managed service for both retailers and customers
  • Global network of best-in-class insurers

This innovative solution is used by over 250 worldwide brands, including: Nook, Tuft & Needle, and Capitol Lighting. It integrates seamlessly with eCommerce products such as BigCommerce, Salesforce, Shopify, and Magento.

Additionally, Clyde sees significant ROI for its customers, including:

  • 9% increase in average order value
  • 14% attachment rate

Clyde provides a transparent and simple customer experience from purchasing protection all the way through claims resolution, ensuring that customers are not only satisfied, but delighted by their experience.

This is achieved via clear, customizable calls-to-action when purchasing, and then an easy process for understanding contract information and filing claims. Better yet, Clyde manages the entire claims process for your business, so that customers receive quick resolutions and your company can focus on what it does best.

This solution is also scalable, supporting everything from startups to enterprises, and fit to current purchase flow so that product protection can be up and running in minutes.

Clyde has a significant network of insurance partners who offer extended warranties and accident protection plans on an extensive range of products. Clyde plans cover everything from accidents, water damage, wear and tear, and warranty extensives for up to five years, providing comprehensive coverage.

Extremely customizable, Clyde’s technology seamlessly matches warranties with products while giving you access to customer information, claims, and program performances. Additionally, you can control the design and flow of calls-to-action to purchase product protection.

With a platform that seamlessly integrates, an intuitive purchase experience for customers who need product protection, an easy-to-use claims process accessible via multiple channels to best meet customer needs, and instant resolutions through an automated system supported by customer service people, Clyde is a 21st century solution for an age-old problem.

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