Certona Technology Implementation Partner

An all-in-one personalization suite that ensures brands deliver meaningful customer experiences in real-time.

Certona, a Kibo Company, is ranked as the #1 personalization provider for 11 consecutive years and counting. They offer personalization solutions for search, browse, and discovery, recommendations, and content. Certona Implementation empowers organizations to tailor customer experiences across all touchpoints, such as website, email, app, and in-store. 

In fact, leading brands have seen significant revenue increases via Cetona’s solution: 

  • Destination Maternity saw a 48% increased average order value
  • Lamps Plus experienced a 22% reduction in bounce rates
  • GameStop increased revenue by 56% per visit
  • MSC had 46% increased units per transaction

Certona has been in the field for 15 years, and delivers 100 billion personalized experiences per month.

Certona’s key features include:

  • All-in-One Suite - engage with customers easily thanks to a comprehensive solution
  • Flexibility - create, test, and optimize, as well as make adjustments in-the-moment for real-time results
  • Optimization Expertise - take advantage of Certona’s decade-plus of experience to fully optimize personalizations
  • Comprehensive Support - a client success team supports brands in developing successful strategies
  • AI-Powered Innovation - patented technology for predicting human behavior that’s fully omnichannel 
  • Top-Tier Clients - a proven partner for worldwide brands

With Certona implementation, brands are able to deliver:

  • Personalized Content - offer relevant content, from offers, images, products, and more, to cut down on bounce rates and cart abandonment 
  • Personalized Recommendations - show the right products to each individual customer, across all touchpoints, to provide a seamless experience 
  • Personalized Search - enhance traditional keyword searches by combining Certona’s Search Suite solution and tailor the results to the customer
  • Personalized Discovery - tap into customer behavior and intent, and then use that data to guide them through unique experiences design to convert

With Certona, brands can put data to work to increase sales, lifetime value, units per transaction, while decreasing bounce rates, cart abandonment, and customer frustration. 

If your business needs assistance with Certona implementation or if you would like to work with a Certona partner, reach out to Object Edge.