Bloomreach Technology Implementation Partner

Intelligent design empowers you to create unique customer experiences more quickly than ever before

When considering Bloomreach implementation it is best to understand the following applications that come with this service. As a Bloomreach partner, we have prepared an overview of the various services they provide for your business.

Bloomreach Experience (brX) 

brX, or The Bloomreach Experience Cloud, is an API-first, headless solution. Headless commerce solutions are the way of the future, as innovative businesses move away from inflexible legacy architecture. Headless allows businesses to create unique user experiences, and respond rapidly to market shifts and user demands. 

The brX experience cloud runs on top of a headless commerce solution - with or without a commerce re-platform. It is the only solution that combines headless APIs, which are far more agile than their alternatives. It also provides tools for marketers that allow them to personalize customer experiences.

With brX, you can build, manage, optimize, and personalize experiences for customers. It’s built specifically for B2B and B2C, and can be deployed across all channels with which your customers engage, like apps and websites. 

Bloomreach Search and Merchandising (brSM)  

brSM, or Bloomreach Search & Merchandising, takes your ability to create relevant experiences one step further. Utilizing algorithms and advanced tools, each visitor’s landing page, search, and browse capabilities can be customized. 

It helps visitors find products quickly thanks to enhanced search features, customizable algorithms, past page visitor behavior, user preference rankings, and more.

Impressively, Bloomreach handles the most queries-per-second of any vendor, and is able to handle complex catalogs in ways that connect customers to the products they need.

Bloomreach Experience Manager (brXM)
brXM, Bloomreach Experience Manager is an open and flexible CMS that drives quick results. Designed with both developers and marketers in mind, and the original headless CMS, you can quickly create and integrate systems. It also provides meaningful personalization and channel management capabilities.

brXM is incredibly scalable, allowing you to add capacity in just minutes, and boasting zero-downtime deployments. It also enables omnichannel personalization, while balancing customer privacy and compliance standards.

Utilize this intelligent, headless solution for unique and quickly-created experiences that set you apart from the competition.

If your organization needs assistance with Bloomreach implementation or if you would like to connect with a Bloomreach partner, reach out to Object Edge.