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Machine learning that predicts customer value in real-time, and delivers it to any tool or team, to empower eCommerce

Black Crow AI is trusted by leading brands such as Microsoft and Zappos to provide real-time predictions, integrate into platforms, and boost sales in just 30 days.

Real-Time Predictions

A plug-and-play Predictive Intelligence Platform leverages patented technology to provide real-time, customized predictions. These predictions are then delivered to whatever teams and tools you desire, empowering businesses to make smart decisions faster than ever. Black Crow AI provides these predictions even before page load.

The technology achieves this remarkable feat by:

Integrate Into Any Platform

Black Crow AI scores are platform agnostic. Consequently, they can be seamlessly integrated with any number of technologies.

These range from Facebook Remarketing Campaigns, Google Tag Manager, Adobe Analytics, and countless more.

Colleagues planning together

Object Edge + Black Crow

Colleagues planning together

Together, Object Edge and Black Crow use this data to provide you an accurate understanding of site visitors and their likelihood to purchase:

  • Drive Conversion: Serve personalized content, features, or promotions based on customer score, guaranteeing high-value site visitors have the best customer experience to maximize revenue.
  • Reduce Costs: Design a site experience that reduces API calls, data capture (email, retargeting, etc.) and expensive usage-based features for low-value customers -- even consider monetizing your lowest-value user by referring them to other websites.
  • Campaign Optimization: Serve rich multivariate testing to refine commerce campaigns for optimal CX, performance, and ROI.

With Black Crow, you can instantly determine the future business value of every site visitor.

With Object Edge, you can unlock Value CX — personalizing digital experiences based on audience business value scores. Used together, you can achieve unparalleled results by seamlessly infusing your CX with an accurate view of the future, for every user on every pageview.

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