Adobe Target Technology Implementation Partner

Test, optimize, and deliver superior experiences, every single time.

When considering Adobe Target implementation make sure this system meets your business objectives to optimize for success.

Adobe offers a comprehensive optimization engine, which includes:

  • AI-powered testing
  • Personalization
  • Automation

And all of it’s scalable.

This robust approach equips brands to connect with individual customers and offer them personalized, meaningful experiences. 

Per Forrester, Adobe Target also stands alone as a Leader in Experience Optimization Platformers. 

What Sets Adobe Apart?

  • Training & Educational Support: step-by-step learning and recommended events via the Adobe Experience League
  • Personalization at Scale: personalize customer experiences at scale, and take advantage of a robust testing environment to ensure these experiences will deliver in the ways audiences want. Quickly ramp up, optimize, and customize on any channel.
  • Unified Profiles: combine key data sources into one comprehensive profile. These profiles are open-ended and sophisticated machine-learning models powered by Adobe Sensei. 
  • Analytics-Led Optimization: qualify results with Analytics based on historical data, and important insights from analysis. Take these audiences and then test and personalize in Adobe Target. 

Benefits of Adobe Target Implementation

Omnichannel Personalization

Offer consistently personal experiences thanks to unified profiles to deliver meaningful experiences across channels, and via complex delineators:

  • Rules-based
  • One-click
  • Location-based
  • Profiles
  • Segmentation
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Automated offers
  • Product recommendations
  • Content recommendations
  • Enterprise governance

Test Everything

No more simple A/B testing. Easily test everything on every channel every time. This includes:

  • A/B testing: test everything from images, copy, UI, and more
  • Multivariate testing: test multiple elements simultaneously, like colors, layout, etc.
  • Multi-armed bandit testing: automatically allocate traffic to the most successful experiences 

Easy Optimization

Improve experiences in real-time, across platforms, including: 

  • Website optimization
  • Single-page app optimization
  • Mobile optimization
  • On-device decisions
  • Server-side optimization
  • Email optimization
  • Connected device optimization
  • Visual preview QA
  • Batch experience prefetch

Adobe Target empowers brands to stop guessing and start delivering precisely what audiences want, when they want, and where they want it. The combination of testing, personalization, and robust artificial intelligence ensures that every experience is optimized every single time.

If your organization is searching for an Adobe Target Partner or in need of Adobe Target implementation, reach out to Object Edge. We have decades of experience helping B2B and B2C organizations with the implementation of advanced software technologies.