Adobe Analytics Technology Implementation Partner

Exclusive to Adobe - mix, match, and analyze data throughout the customer journey. Combine that analysis with robust reporting and predictive intelligence.

Adobe Analytics implementation allows businesses to utilize advanced capabilities improve digital experiences for clients and their customers.

Adobe is a Leader in customer analytics functionality, per The Forrester Wave: Analytics Technologies, Q3 2020.

Key Benefits of Adobe Analytics Implementation

Adobe Analytics offers insights and actionable steps, all rolled into one.

Web Analytics

Web analytics are at the core of what Adobe does. Using AI, machine learning, and other technology, this solution goes beyond the basics of page views and bounce rates to find truly insightful customer behaviors.

Channel & Marketing Analytics

In the era of the Internet of Things, wearable tech, and increasingly mobile users, properly utilizing channels to marketing your products and services is critical. 

Adobe integrates data from practically any channel, including IoT, apps, social, mobile, video, web, and more. Analyze this compiled data in real-time to deliver a superior customer experience. 


Don’t waste time on a customer journey that isn’t working. Understand every single touchpoint throughout owned, earned, and paid channels with cross-channel attribution. 

Adobe combines algorithmic and rules-based attribution models, as well as machine learning for comprehensive insights. 

Predictive Analytics

Rather than focusing on past insights, Adobe Analytics has predictive capabilities so that you can strategize for the future.

These predictive tools are powered by AI and machine learning, plus integrate with Adobe Sensei, so that your organization can utilize big data for big gains. 

Key Features

Adobe Analytics has a variety of features, including: 

  • Data collection & measurement: multichannel data collection; custom variables; unique processing rules; offline data integration; tag management; data warehouse and data feeds. 
  • Comprehensive analysis: advanced calculated metrics; advanced segmentation; ad hoc analysis; cohort analysis; cross-device analytics; customer journey analytics; flow analysis.
  • Predictive insights: marketing attribution; anomaly detection; contribution analysis; intelligent alerts; real-time data 

Actionable intelligence: shared audiences; audience analytics; advertising analytics; remarketing triggers; mobile marketing; third-party integrations;

If your business is in need of Adobe Analytics implementation or if you would like to connect with an Adobe Analytics partner, reach out to Object Edge.