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What is Salesforce Lightning Experience?

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Lightning is made up of interactive tools to design and customize the Salesforce B2B commerce experience. Designed as a complete ecosystem, Lightning Experience leverages analytics, prediction, and AI tools to allow sales and marketing teams to uncover insights, define and measure KPIs, and plan for growth.

Benefits of B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience

For your eCommerce team and sales associates, B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience offers:

  • Commerce templates for quick-to-deploy storefronts
  • No-code drag-and-drop storefront components
  • UI to manage and support storefronts
  • Digital Experience Platform (DXM) for personalized shopping experiences for your B2B customers (including targeting, personalization, branding)
  • Standardization of objects for B2B commerce (including cart and product category objects)

A Forrester-conducted study, Total Economic Impact study of Lightning Experience, found key efficiency improvements:

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For your B2B customers, B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience provides:

  • Frictionless self-service (including easy reorder, track order status, case management)
  • Fast, AI-supported onsite search
  • Storefronts that are quick to load, intuitively built, and personalized to you

Salesforce Lightning Web Components

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Made up of components that developers can add to easily with pre-built blocks of code, Lightning offers tools and extensions for creating easily-customized apps. The user-interface framework assists in building apps for mobile users, as well as desktop.

Salesforce defines three Lightning components as follows:

  • Standard components - pre-installed in object page layouts, with the option to hide them (or not use them).
  • Custom-developed components - advanced components designed around the company’s unique requirements.
  • AppExchange components - pre-built components available in the AppExchange marketplace that can be easily dragged and dropped into the required space.

Salesforce has designed components with .cmp extensions, and relies on Apex, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to build Lightforce apps.

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Lightning Experience vs. Salesforce Classic

Serving as an updated CRM software, Salesforce Lightning Experience integrates CRM and pagebuilder capabilities. Although still available, the earlier solutions (Salesforce Classic and Cloud Craze) can be outdated and difficult to navigate.

Lightning Experience is a more modern and efficient option, with its specialized components serving as the user interface (UI) to build mobile and desktop apps for B2B commerce. In addition to performance benefits, B2B Lightning Experience offers new features and pages, redesigned navigational tools, record layouts and views, and modified dashboards.

Salesforce Lightning Partners

Object Edge implements Salesforce B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience to drive your digital business. Our services include:

  • Experience design
  • Lighting Experience-specific design and optimization
  • Data engineering and analytics
  • Commerce implementation and management

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