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Master Data Management (MDM)

Colleagues working together

A robust Master Data Management solution ensures data consistency and accuracy across the entire organization by establishing a single source of truth for key data elements, such as customer, product, and supplier information. This includes: master data management implementation, enterprise data governance, aggregation, survivorship, and data stewardship. Additionally, we enable “golden records” (a single source of truth) across product, customer, supplier, and location domains.

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Understanding Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) is a process used to ensure the accuracy and consistency of data across an organization. It is the practice of collecting, organizing, and maintaining data from multiple sources in a single system. Enterprise MDM is a combination of technology, process, and organization stewardship. MDM can help organizations to gain better understanding of their data, as well as improve data accuracy.

Data Management and Analytics Services

Data Maturity Assessment

Get a complimentary assessment of your data maturity - from strategy through technology - with a roadmap to success. Schedule your complimentary maturity assessment.

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Digital Maturity Model Graphic

Data Capabilities

Merchandising Management & Data Design

Enabling digital revenue by turning your data into well-merchandised products. We help you solve for robust discovery, search, and shopping.

Data & Analytics

We unlock insights and intelligence with robust data and analytics capabilities. Enable and empower stakeholders throughout your organization with advanced analytics techniques and tools.

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