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How strong is your product data on your own site? Are your marketing descriptions strong, your images crisp and compelling, how’s your search set up?

And outside of your own website, how do your products show up on your partner websites? Is it accurate, consistent, clean?

You know this all impacts your bottom line? But what’s your best next step?

Claim your free content syndication scorecard - an objective analysis of the state of your content syndication. To help you do your job (or make your case!).

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Your website and channel partners are critical to your business. Every touchpoint is important and getting every touchpoint right is hard.

Wherever your customers are finding you, you want their experience to be seamless. To achieve that, your product content needs to be compelling, accurate, and consistent across the web, wherever your customers shop. But errors can be common. Different teams own different portions of the data. Inefficient or manual processes lead to errors.

We’re here to help you own your customer’s experience.

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How to claim your free Syndication Scorecard

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Step 1: The Request

Fill out this form with your information, or schedule a time to chat through it with us.

Step 2: The Audit

Object Edge performs the audit. We scour the web for your brand and your products, and organize the findings into a powerful scorecard, scoring a sample of your top products for quality and consistency. The product pages are scored by our team of data experts at Object Edge, building on years of experience in eCommerce and data management.

Step 3: The Review

We review the scorecard with you, so you can understand your current syndication performance and ways to improve. Share this vendor-independent, unbiased analysis with your company’s stakeholders to get the entire organization aligned on a solution.

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