Zenni Optical, a pioneer in direct-to-consumer eyeglass brands, launched in 2003 with a mission of making prescription eyewear affordable and accessible to all. The company's commitment to innovation and affordability has fueled its growth over the years. 

However, as their offerings became more complex and customizable, Zenni realized the need to centralize their business rules for scalability and agility. These rules, spread across multiple platforms, were a critical part of their customer experience, and Zenni sought a solution that would streamline their management and support future innovations.

Centralizing Business Rules

Object Edge partnered with Zenni Optical to reengineer their business rules and centralize them into a single, scalable location. The project supported the launch of a robust mobile app with customizable eyeglasses while ensuring fast and accurate decision-making for users. By decoupling complex rules from legacy platforms, Zenni would be free to focus on customer experience enhancements and further growth.