The Challenge

Princess Auto, a farm, industrial, garage, hydraulics, and surplus item retailer, has seen a lift in eCommerce sales over the past two years. However, they were finding it hard to detect, track, prioritize, and resolve critical bugs on their eCommerce site. 

Princess Auto approached bugs like many companies do - prioritizing bugs that rose to the top for business needs, departmental requirements, because they were easy to resolve, or because they were simply easier to scope. This required utilizing multiple resources (developers, QA, Business Analysts) to determine cost estimates on potential fixes. 

This subjective approach to fix bugs resulted in larger issues not being promptly addressed and a costly overextension of resources. The retailer saw this in their customer feedback, which revealed reports of error pages at checkout and page load delays. Ultimately, Princess Auto wanted to have a single place for visibility over all existing website issues, new sales pipeline bugs, cost estimates, and how these issues were impacting the overall user experience.