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Multinational Fitness and Wellness Company

Creating Cutting-Edge Customer Experiences

The Challenge

When a multinational fitness and wellness company underwent a digital transformation, they needed to move their customer-facing sites to a new platform. 

To continue delivering cutting-edge customer experiences, this well-known brand also needed to maintain multiple sites, yet cut down on maintenance demands, all while enhancing workflow.

The company needed faster low-impact release capabilities, but were concerned about challenges in setting up, upgrading, and maintaining multiple test environments for each site. 

Object Edge joined as a partner to lead this digital transformation, overseeing their move to Oracle Commerce 11.2 (ATG).

Picture of the Object Edge Process

The Solution

Rather than relying on manual processes for upgrades, Object Edge created custom automation scripts to upgrade the existing platform to Oracle Commerce 11.2 (ATG). These custom upgrade scripts are comprehensive and not only manage backups, migration, and upgrades, but can be used to upgrade test environments to production.

The Results

Object Edge delivered the upgrade project with enhanced multi-site capabilities ahead of schedule, creating automation that reduced migration time from 3 days to 2 hours per environment. The Oracle Cloud 11.2 upgrade also laid the groundwork to launch a coherent multi-site setup. The company is rolling out their other network sites to the upgraded platform in the coming months, and will be able to do so with no additional costs.

Mockup of the design
Mockup of the design

Mockup of the Designs

“Your leadership, guidance, and support on this project was so appreciated and you will be so missed! Be well . . . hopefully more projects cause our paths to cross!”

VP, Brand Portfolio

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