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Multinational At-Home Fitness and Wellness Company

Creating Cutting-Edge Customer Experiences

Multinational At-Home Fitness and Wellness Company

The Challenge

When a multinational at-home fitness and wellness company underwent a digital transformation, they needed to tackle multidimensional challenges. The company needed faster low-impact release capabilities, but were concerned about challenges in setting up, upgrading, and maintaining multiple test environments for each site. 

To compound the challenges even further, they also had exceptionally complex structures: 

  • A multi-level marketing structure that required different experiences and product availabilities for different marketing levels
  • Multi-sites that varied by country and language
  • Wide and nuanced product catalogs that required even further customizations within each buyer’s options
  • The ability to share carts (i.e. a marketer could share with a customer)

Our Approach

Object Edge started with designing an architectural blueprint that is robust, scalable, and flexible to accommodate new opportunities.

  • Dual services layers (one external, one internal) supporting a variety of uses of our data and products, enabling decoupled releases
  • These services layers “mask” operational complexity – internal business changes do not affect customers, coaches, or third parties
  • Lightweight technology components that will allow for quick testing of new markets
  • External technology properties that can be more easily upgraded and enhanced

The Results

Object Edge delivered the upgrade project with enhanced multi-site capabilities ahead of schedule, creating automation that reduced migration time from 3 days to 2 hours per environment.

  • Launch of three websites and three microsites
  • Launch in three countries, with five locales
  • Responsive design
  • Multiple user types to support the business model
  • Subscription management and self-service
  • Four new environments connected end-to-end
  • Built REST APIs to decouple UI from the commerce system
  • Integrated APIs with content pages

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