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Luxury Textile Manufacturer

Moving to a Lower Cost, Higher Value Platform

Luxury Textile Manufacturer

The Challenge

A luxury textile manufacturer was operating on an aging platform. With each new release, it became more and more unstable. To compound the problem, the platform had passed through numerous owners over the years, becoming unwieldy. The company needed to move to a new, more agile platform.

Additionally, with a rich eCommerce history, the company had numerous complex requirements around segmentation and B2B pricing which the new platform needed to accommodate.


Our Approach

The decision was made to move to a SaaS platform that allowed for much lower OPEX. Leveraging our experience with Oracle Commerce Cloud, we created a site that continues to be one of the OCC worldwide benchmarks thanks to extensions such as segmentation, B2B pricing, and complex search redirects.


The Results

Our efforts resulted in improved user experience, more stable uptime, no loss of conversion or traffic, and a savings of over 70% a month in platform OPEX.

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