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When a growing Latin American beverage company experienced a popularity explosion, they quickly realized that in order to maintain a satisfied customer base, they would need a new platform that provided both customization and scalability.

The Challenge

The legacy platform no longer provided the technology requirements needed to scale and grow the company. Instead, they sought a reimagined platform that would give their customers the ability to manage and enhance their purchases and subscriptions.

Picture of the Object Edge Process

Our Approach

In order to create customer-enabled subscription management, a number of technical tools had to play together. Object Edge managed complex integrations for ERP, Loyalty, Reviews, and the Payment Gateway in order to provide a seamless experience. Once the site was ready, Object Edge oversaw the migration of 13,000 current subscribers to the new platform - without disruption or negative impact.


This challenge meant the first global launch of a subscription platform built on Oracle Commerce Cloud. With customer-enabled subscription management including pause and skip functionality, change payment and shipping details, cancel and re-enable account features it was ahead of the curve in digital maturity and enablement.

As the original project with this client was launching, this beverage company was acquired. In that acquisition, the new new parent company adopted this new platform for several brands under their corporate umbrella.

1st Mockup of the design
2nd Mockup of the design

Mockup of the Designs

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