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Insurance Company

A Comprehensive, Competitive Digital Strategy

Insurance Company


A leading insurance company was looking to compete. Their top challenge was developing a comprehensive digital strategy to allow them to acquire and retain customers while continuing to be an attractive partner to its network of agents.


The Challenge

A well-recognized US brand in business since the early 20th century and today managing a $3B+ direct premium portfolio by providing auto, home, and other personal lines of insurance. Successful in brick-and-mortar operations, they realized they needed a digital strategy to effectively compete in the modern marketplace.

Their top challenge was developing a comprehensive digital strategy that would allow them to acquire and retain customers while continuing to be an attractive partner to its network of agents.


Our Approach

Object Edge worked with the client team to articulate a vision, develop a Digital Strategy and the right Digital Platform Solution, and Business Architecture to make it a reality.

Our team developed a strategy that supported the enterprise brand and its major tenets of “customer centricity” and “partner enablement.” Two major business models emerged — one for the B2C segment and another for B2A, keeping in mind the range of experiences, channels, and devices impacted including websites, social, mobile, kiosk, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and chat application.

All business capabilities were mapped to an ACORD capability model (an industry canonical for the Insurance industry) to provide ease of reference for downstream use. As part of detailing the digital business architecture, Object Edge mapped each of the business capability to a “business service” allowing the client to showcase how its business services worked together to support the various business models and internal transformation.

Object Edge developed a Digital Business Architecture, with a consolidated view of dependencies across Technology, Operations, and Partners that not only helped to realize the vision but also to be operationally efficient and financially responsible.


The Results

The Digital Platform Strategy and Digital Platform Business Architecture artifacts delivered to the executive leadership and project teams at this world-class client helped them demonstrate the value of their digital investments and to prioritize their near and long-term roadmap.

The engagement was not only transforming but also set a new precedence in the organization, whereby they bring together different business units within the organization to develop their collective vision, work in coordination on the solution, and take it to market as a team.

Now this satisfied and successful Object Edge client knows where it’s driving and has a clear and unambiguous path when it comes to digital growth and expansion. The organization is aligned top-to-bottom on strategy, the future of its platform and a process to advance its objectives. With a copy of their map in hand and a shared understanding of the most direct path to their destination, they are well on their way to meeting current and future goals and demonstrating another century of value for its members.

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