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Global telecommunications manufacturer

Launching Customer-Centric Punchout for B2B

Global telecommunications manufacturer

The Challenge

A leading global telecommunications manufacturer needed a way for B2B customers on the SAP Ariba Network to easily punchout from Ariba to their eCommerce store to find the products they need and place an order. The client’s catalog includes complex products, including configurable and personalizable products. They also have a comprehensive B2B account structure - with prices defined at the account or contract level. The punchout experience in the Ariba platform had to match that same level of sophistication. 


Our Approach

Object Edge needed to allow for punchout order creation, with a few key elements:

  • Allowing auto sign-in to the manufacturer’s store from Ariba. Customers need to seamlessly access the storefront from their procurement application, so that the purchase process is easy and convenient.
  • Shopping without distraction. Customers should see only features relevant to their shopping purchase, so that purchases are completed quickly.
  • View custom products and prices. Customers should only see the catalog and prices specific to their contract. 
  • Add an item to punch out cart. Customers can add items to cart in their shopping experience.
  • Create purchase order in Ariba. As a punchout user in the store, customers can punchback to their procurement application to create a purchase order.

This solution provided two key benefits:

  • Reduce manual work that the manufacturer needs to do to set up and refresh catalogs for their different buyers
  • Provide an elevated experience to the buyers by bringing them to the eCommerce storefront

The Results

Ariba punchout was a “quick wins” project for the client, with leadership very happy with the speed and quality in which punchout was implemented. This started with a key, pilot customer identified by the manufacturer, to work closely to define the integration requirements. Following this success, this solution is being rolled out to more customers.

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