Designing a Comprehensive Customer Experience

For over 90 years, this global manufacturer has supplied telecommunication equipment and software to law enforcement, emergency response teams, and other organizations worldwide.


The Challenge

With a new, first-in-market product launch, the company asked Object Edge to envision, design, and deliver a modern, interactive landing page experience for its new cutting edge radio technology. They wanted this experience to showcase the device’s features and capabilities as a surrogate for in-person demos.


Our Approach

To design an exceptional digital user experience, we created a comprehensive strategy, measurable delivery plan, and multimedia designs. We built interactive landing pages leveraging 3D models and prototypes-to-page to provide an immersive experience that matched the product’s "top tier" position.

We designed interactive landing pages with a combination of 2D and 3D features that bring the product to life on screen and reflect the product’s design and software functionalities.  

Our development team leveraged three.js elements to build 3D model spins that reveal specific features on hover and click.

Embedded prototypes create responsive on-screen experiences and define fundamental product interactions for a wide variety of features, including audio, night mode, and data lookups through interactive page elements.