Our Approach

In this complex project, the client needed a to achieve benchmarks:

  • Detailed Discovery process to ensure smooth, timely delivery
  • Site launch timeline was critical to the business
  • Where possible, use existing services
  • Make as few changes as possible to the operational processes in the new country site launch, while complying with Canada-specific requirements
  • Keep the same look and feel through the UX and UI in the new site
  • Canada-specific product catalog, pricing, and payment options
  • Seamless development on a headless, Elastic Path platform


  • Elastic Path commerce platform
  • Payments: credit card, Paypal
  • Enterworks PIM
  • Analytics: Google Analytics, Amplitude
  • Yotpo Reviews
  • FluentCommerce Order Management

The Results

This multisite project launched on time. Built in a constrained timeline, and meeting the client’s benchmark, the site is built to seamlessly expand and grow - including country-specific content, a second language, and additional country-specific features.

1st Mockup of the design
2nd Mockup of the design

Mockup of the Designs

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