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The Challenge

A legacy brand recognized that while their products had evolved to make them an industry leader, the way they sold their goods had not. Their sales channels consisted of one-on-one consultations, call center interactions, and email.

The company was ready for digital transformation, but faced challenges in scaling their legacy teams; modernizing their catalog and processes; and delivering a competitive customer experience.

Picture of the Object Edge Process

The Solution

Together in partnership with Object Edge, the company completed a phased migration of customers onto a new digital portal, controlling access via their Salesforce dashboard. These accounts were synchronized on a regular cadence to ensure access and relevant account information where up to date.

Together we incrementally improved the user experiences based on the feedback of the initial set of customers. This led to a well-tested user experience for customers once they were onboarded to the new portal.

The Results

The company’s investment in going digital quickly resulted in operational savings due to lower costs of sales/acquisition for lower complexity catalog items, but that was just the beginning.

Within the first full quarter of launching, the company saw an amazing 36% of all corporate quotes going through the new Commerce portal, saving over 12,000 hours in sales quoting.

Since the optimization, the company has also seen: increased sales, reduced product returns, increased promotional effectiveness, new market expansion, increased up-selling and cross-selling, among other bottom-line impacts.

1st Mockup of the design
2nd Mockup of the design

Mockup of the Designs

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