Our Approach

This eCommerce site allows subscriptions only (not direct purchase) of fitness equipment. Built on a modern, headless architecture, the site includes:

  • Headless, event-driven microservices architecture:
    • Services are containerized and deployed to serverless auto-scalable services
    • Deployed to Google Cloud Platform
    • Apollo server working as a Gateway exposing a single data graph for the frontend, combining the schema of the backend services
  • Cloud CDN and Cloud Storage provide static assets
  • Cloud Build and Secret Manager used for continuous integration
  • Magento2 commerce platform
"It is a service very much in line with what we see with cars. If you bought a treadmill and changed your mind in six months, how will you do it? We are betting on a new model," says Marcio Kumruian. - Exame

The Results

With a rapid deployment in 6 months, the site now is already seeing:

  • Rapid launch from concept to delivery in under six months. 
  • Successful site launch in January 2021, with stable platform, ongoing rapid customer acquisition, engagement, and conversions.
  • 3X increase the delivery capacity in less than one month
1st Mockup of the design
2nd Mockup of the design

Mockup of the Designs

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