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Princess Auto

Launching Low-Contact Order Fulfillment

Princess Auto


When Princess Auto, a Canadian retail chain of over 50 stores, needed to respond to new ordinances, they brought in Object Edge to launch an integrated buy online pickup in store (BOPIS), pickup in store from phone orders, and curbside pickup solution. Created in response to the global pandemic, Curbspot is an enterprise solution that integrates with leading ERPs, POS, and eCommerce solutions for seamless, low contact order fulfillment.


The Challenge

As health concerns and customer expectations changed in 2020, Princess Auto found itself needing a new solution to get orders to their customers. With a number of retail locations, loyal customer base, and large inventory, they looked for an enterprise solution that could be launched very quickly.

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Our Approach

In order to quickly launch an integrated BOPIS and Curbspot sequence, Object Edge leveraged Curbspot - a new order fulfillment solution for low contact pickup. Customized for the retailer's specific needs, the solution could be launched quickly and with low effort from the team. 


  • Curbspot
  • Order Dynamics
  • AWS
  • Stripe 
  • Twilio
  • Shopify

“It showed us that we could do things more quickly than we had in the past,” says Dave Matthes​​, imagination leader for the retailer. It’s inspired a new kind of thinking in our executives and a new kind of thinking in our owners,” he says. Rapid change is now a part of the company’s culture."


The Results

A quick turnaround for a sophisticated, enterprise BOPIS and Curbside pickup solution. Now thousands of orders every day are fulfilled through Curbspot. This process, and quick turnaround helped move Princess Auto towards a culture of rapid digital transformation and action.

Reported in Princess Auto saw 100% ROI on Curbspot, with millions of dollars of orders placed successfully. During a difficult time of lockdowns and customer sensitivity, Curbspot let the business run continuously and smoothly.

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