Challenge: B2B Site Performance

Like many complex, B2B websites, the business struggled with slow website performance issues. To address this issue,, Object Edge began with an analysis of the main pages to identify performance issues and improvement opportunities. Following this exercise,  performance improvements were prioritized, addressed, and monitored in lower environments and then later deployed to the production environment and monitored for performance gains. This process was replicated until no further changes would significantly impact performance. Including:

  • 21% improvement to PDP load speed
  • API performance improvements:
    • 73% Average speed improvement on API price calls
    • 46% Average speed improvement on API products call
    • 99% of API calls are under 3 seconds duration, compared to 74%
  • 90% size reduction in image assets download on PDP (shrinking from 140 MB to 13MB)

Challenge: Clunky Backorder Pages

The business was struggling with technical issues and clunky design that made it difficult for retail partners to navigate backorders. Object Ege delivered updated UX and UI designs that allowed B2B retail partners to easily access backorder information and make changes. This backorders page was built on the Oracle Commerce Cloud B2B storefront, using React, React, Javascript (JS), CSS, Node. js, Redux-Saga. As a result of these changes, the client saw a drop in the number of backorder status inquiries and backorder adjustments to sales reps, additionally, these changes reduced the number of returns resulting from scheduling misalignment, and an overall growth in B2B customer satisfaction.

Challenge: Digital Pre-ordering

For new product launches, the manufacturer wanted to enable retail partners and sales reps to place pre-orders for upcoming products. Before starting, the pre-order process required at least three systems and sometimes relied on sales reps to take manual pre-orders via phone, email, and spreadsheet. This complexity meant increased costs to support and maintain multiple systems and a poor customer experience for B2B retailers who wanted to be able to preorder as quickly and seamlessly as possible.