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Data Communications and Telecommunications Equipment

Multi-Billion Dollar eCommerce Replatform

Data Communications and Telecommunications Equipment


As a leader in mission-critical communications technology, this 90-year old company had attempted to get a new site live internally, but those attempts had failed.


The Challenge

  • Migrating a $2B legacy B2B eCommerce business on antiquated web technologies to a modern solution
  • Adding an enriched marketing environment powered by Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Our Approach

Drawing from our expertise in Oracle and API solutions, Object Edge

  • Leveraged multi-product approach for success with Oracle Commerce Cloud (OCC) and Oracle CPQ 
  • Provided best in class digital experiences to showcase complex product sets
  • Improved customer engagement with proven experience design work

In order to provide a future-designed program, Object Edge built with a headless eCommerce platform, API layer, creating the ability to integrate with Adobe Experience Manager. This approach allowed Object Edge to create an exceptional digital experience, maximizing the out-of-the-box features of OCC's Commerce functionality. Paired with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), we built rich, engaging product marketing pages. These pages then call on OCC product detail page functionality for the complete purchase process. By using OCC headless and its APIs, we were able to provide a seamless, integrated experience.


The Results

Within 6 months of providing a viable digital channel, this telco industry leader saw 36% of all deal quoting shift to be completed online. Customer-enabled quoting saved 12,000 hours of sales rep time. Valued at $100 per hour, they saved $1.2M in the first quarter of full rollout.

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