Our Approach

With Object Edge as American Apparel’s implementation partner, Oracle’s ATG platform was successfully installed, along with migration from the in-house system to ATG, and integration of multiple existing backend systems.

The collaboration between the retailer, Oracle, and Object Edge also resulted in the successful launch of multi-country sites, and the quick creation of a stable infrastructure which handled holiday traffic peaks on Cyber Monday and provided on-demand scaling templates.

"We are very excited by American Apparel's vision for a seamless retail solution enabling a consistent, multi-channel customer experience. Combining their global growth initiative with a technology solution that supports it is a model that could define the future of retail commerce."

The Results

In addition to completing this implementation in six months, including the rapid pace of changes required to meet fast fashion needs, Object Edge was able to deliver an open, scalable platform with the features and functionality to support this company’s growth well into the future.

New Markets:

  • Multi-site and multi-country architecture with scalable back-end integration framework. Object Edge helped launch multiple countries/markets UK market in one month and within a span of 2 weeks launched Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore markets.
  • Object Edge used a combination of process and automation through which, this partner’s business and operations teams were able to launch stores with little or no dependency on technical teams.

Increase in Sales:

  • Since launching this new eCommerce platform, they have continued to deliver an increase in eCommerce sales, with a more than 38% increase over the same period the previous year.
  • Sales increased more than 59% in December year-over-year, to become the highest sales month in the history of the company’s online business.
  • Sales continued to increase six months later by more than 37% over the previous year.
1st Mockup of the design
2nd Mockup of the design

Mockup of the Designs

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