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September 17, 2020

Order Fulfillment for Manufacturers & Distributors

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Regardless of the COVID-19 factor, when manufacturers and distributors adopt contactless fulfillment it results in streamlined processes, increased safety, improved convenience for customers, and consequently, higher satisfaction and sales.

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Long before the pandemic began, customers were already taking advantage of curbside, and buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) order fulfillment options. 

In fact, a 2019 study from Numerator found that 76% of Walmart customers preferred curbside pickup to in-store orders. For many customers, curbside pickup is significantly more convenient. 

Now with safety and health concerns amplified due to the coronavirus, manufacturers and distributors have been forced to rapidly adapt. 

For most, this involves transitioning your business model to contactless solutions. And while going contactless can be immediately helpful for those businesses trying to evolve their fulfillment models in a socially-distant world, it will also establish your company for the future of fulfillment. 

With or without the COVID-19 factor, adopting contactless systems results in streamlined processes, increased security, improved convenience for customers, and consequently, higher customer satisfaction and sales.

Thankfully, there’s a rapid-launch, affordable, and easily-integrated solution available to help you scale your order fulfillment options: Curbspot.

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How Curbspot Can Help

Our new accelerator allows companies with BOPIS to launch a curbside pickup program in record time, regardless of eCommerce or POS system. 

But how does it work? Let’s break down the requirements and functionality of Curbspot.


  • Communicate curbside capabilities - you’ll need to be able to share with your customer base this new service and experience which you are now offering
  • Have an existing system to manage inventory - to properly manage online orders, you’ll need some way to keep track of what items who have in-store
  • Have an existing text message opt-in (or get opt-in if you use texts) - legally, you’ll need permission from your customers to communicate with them via text
  • Have a way associates can fill orders - you’ll need a way internally for associates to locate and assemble items for customer orders


  • Spreadsheet simplicity - provide us with a spreadsheet of your inventory, and we’ll make those items shopable products within Curbspot
  • Easy associate experience - Curbspot is a cloud-based technology, so it can be accessed on any device. You can scale quickly by having associates use personal devices. There is a store-level login (not associate logins) so you won’t need to create numerous accounts. Employees can simply login online and manage customer orders immediately. 
  • Mobile & desktop capabilities - customers can also access Curbspot on any device
  • Customized experience - you can upload your brand’s logo, and customize confirmation messages that customers receive when orders have been completed

When an order is submitted, an associate can login and complete the “Add Order” section once they have filled it. Then, the customer receives a text or email indicating that their order is ready.

The customer will go to the store, and can click on “Curbside Pickup Now” to let the store know they have arrived. The store will receive an alert, and an associate can verify the customer’s order before delivering curbside.

If for some reason the associate cannot find the customer, or the customer can provide more detail (such as where they’ve parked), or can even reschedule.

Key Benefits of Curbside Pickup


Curbside pickup offers convenience that ship-to-home/business doesn’t provide. The fulfillment process is simple and smooth, which is critical when you’re working with busy customers. 


Curbside pickup allows customers to relax in their car, stay in the AC, answer emails while waiting, and just wait for the product to come to them.


Curbside pickup is cheaper than in-home/business delivery (most of the time), and costs the same as an in-store pickup (potentially less if considering high-cost parking in urban areas.)


Curbside pickup saves the wait time of online order delivery, and reduces the time for shopping and browsing. Also, without the time for parking, and going into the store, curbside pickup is slightly faster than even buy online, pickup in-store.


In terms of safety, curbside pickup reduces the points of contact from in-store shopping and pickup. While delivery may be low contact as well, there are safety concerns of packages getting damaged, lost, or stolen.

Get Started with Curbside Pickup

Is your business ready to make the change? We can help. To discuss getting curbside pickup set up for your customers, reach out to sales@getcurspot.com.

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