Key Report Insights

Our comprehensive report, "Data Management Strategies: A View Towards 2024 - 2026," delves into the strategies, challenges, and trends shaping the data landscape. This survey of over 300 data management professionals reveals insights into this dynamic scenario. Here's a sneak peek into the key findings:

  • While progress is evident in aligning data strategies with corporate goals, only 49% of surveyed organizations believe their data strategy is very aligned with overall corporate strategy.
  • Strategic Priorities: A whopping 81% of organizations with annual revenues over $500M are focusing on revenue growth, driven by expanding new channels and markets.
  • 44% of respondents prioritize expanding into new channels, while 37% focus on optimizing operational efficiencies.
  • 40% of participants cannot accurately diagnose their data maturity levels, revealing a disconnect between perception and reality.
  • 18% foresee AI as the most impactful trend, both for supporting data governance and for business functions.
  • 28% cite B2B e-commerce sites as the primary source of digital revenue, varying across industries and maturity levels.