We truly believe that digital transformation is an ever-evolving journey made up of distinct milestones, i.e. projects. We can deliver all of our services as a series of these independent, fully-functional projects. These projects can be priced as fixed-bid, time and materials, or success based, and be managed through Agile Scrum or ‘traditional’ waterfall. We recommend the best practice based on your exact needs.

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Rarely are digital transformations executed in a series of project – they are done in parallel, and this can get very messy, very fast. Digital transformations involve multiple technologies, multiple services vendors, multiple methodologies, and multiple accountable parties. However, if more than two parties are accountable, then no one is, and this soup is a recipe for disaster. Yet, we see it over and over again. That is why we launched a comprehensive program management for digital transformation. We will provide a comprehensive framework to manage the communication, vendors, technology environments, support, and security of your digital transformation.

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Managed Services

If our program management delivers your transformation, our managed services will help you leverage it. Often times digital transformation will introduce practices to an enterprise that are new or a vastly new version of the old, for which you may lack the operational experience. Object Edge provides this in a Build, Operate, Transfer model where we will run the program as long as you need, then transfer the management over to your internal staff as we help you build up your operational team.

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