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How to turn CMS Content into Revenue-making Commerce in less than 90 Days

October 12, 2018


Katie Moon

One of the many things we love about a good CMS is how easily marketers and merchandisers can manage engaging content on their site.

When we work with BloomReach DXP in particular, we have been impressed by how extensible the platform is and how easily we can integrate services from other SaaS platforms into these user experiences. A great example of how to use this flexibility is to transform your content site (blog, international corporate sites, etc.) into a revenue producing, order-taking website.

The process to make that happen is easier than it may seem. We’ve developed a concise plan that includes: 7 steps to prepare, what to focus on when choosing an API-first commerce platform, and 4 steps to getting started … yes, it can be that easy! Read more …

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