Proven Telco solution for B2B and B2C



Proven Telco solution for B2B and B2C


VoiceEdge is a Telco e-commerce solution tailored for consumer (B2C) and corporate (B2B) domains. Built over the Oracle ATG platform, it provides pre-configured Telco catalogs, product groupings, and markets, as well as out-of-the-box functionality for a range of commerce elements, such as pricing, promotion, and campaign.

High Points

  • Support for consumer and business channel
  • Ability to create dynamic products/packages/bundles
  • Produces quick, effective campaign and promotion capabilities personalization for better cross-sell/up-sell
  • Provides cross channel consistency
  • Increases customer satisfaction with simple navigation and self serve Maximizes self-service for customer and business channel


VoiceEdge’s features enable a high level of dynamic marketing


VoiceEdge provides for co-branding, i.e merchandiser can easily create pages that reflect the brand and look and feel of the B2B customer.

Partner-based promotion

Option to use partner’s payment or shipment mode for sponsored discounts and customer returns.

Experience tied to campaign or source

Landing page is consistent with source (e.g. Facebook logout page) and seamlessly experienced throughout checkout.

Closeness qualifier

Customers are prompted to avail of promotions based on their proximity to eligibility, which is assessed based on merchandiser-defined conditions.


Depending on traffic source, customers are offered free items which are automatically added to cart upon selection of charged item.


Text or image overlay to emphasize messages, like ‘ON SALE’ or “NEW” etc.


VoiceEdge provides a set of ready-to-use Telco-specific scenarios, built on the Oracle ATG Scenario engine. These scenarios encapsulate deep knowledge of the Telco e-commerce domain and provide customers a significant head start in quickly framing complex rules to kick off innovative promotions and campaigns.



Policy Enforcement

Telco requires specific policies to be enforced, such as certain plans should not be offered for certain devices, certain plans are not allowed for certain markets, or even certain B2B customers do not allow certain products to be offered to their employees etc. VoiceEdge comes enabled to implement such policies with ease.

Market Dependency

VoiceEdge enables defining geographic segments with fine granularity, which ensures precisely targeted promotions, campaigns, and catalog display.

Compatibility Relationships

Telco products have context and scenario-based relationships. VoiceEdge captures these relationships to achieve streamlined buy now and upgrade now, e.g. plans displayed are only those permitted for devices already in cart and vice versa.

Product Diversity

Telco has diverse products, such as plans, devices, features and accessories, all of which require different properties to be defined. VoiceEdge comes ready made with required extensions to accommodate this diversity.

Buy Flow Diversity

VoiceEdge provides for customer-centric buy flow, e.g. customer can start with a plan and move to compatible devices or conversely start with a device and move to compatible plans.