Stabilize, Streamline
and Grow


The client needed to stabilize its platform, which was build on ATG by another vendor.

Business was taking a hit as their servers kept going down even with regular traffic. The problem was worse during high-traffic situations brought on by promotions and special offers.



  • Australia’s #1 online retailer for surf and fashion
  • Carries over 900 of the world’s leading youth brands
  • Best Pureplay Online Retailer of the year in 2011, 2012 and 2014 at the renowned Online Retail Industry Awards
  • Founded in 2007


Leverage Vayam & Object Edge’s Oracle
Managed Cloud Services solutions

Object Edge implemented Vayam and used the same for building mobile apps. Vayam is built using state-of-the-art frameworks with little or no change to the underlying ATG application. Vayam will define the future of SurfStitch and its applications.

Object Edge also helped SurfStitch move its platform to Oracle Managed Cloud Services (OMCS). Doing this enabled the following improvements.

A major API initiative is also in order to help build mobile apps on top of the ATG platform. Object Edge built the API using state-of-the-art frameworks while changing the underlying ATG application as little as possible. The API will define the future of SurfStitch and its applications.