Digital Strategy

A digital strategy is simply the collection of digital choices a company makes to meet their objectives. We believe that an effective strategy will also include the impact these choices will have on technology, change management, UX, data governance, and content management.

Too often consultancies produce strategies that focus on what choice you should make but now how to realize them; that’s way we specialize in identifying and solving the impacts, allowing for a truly actionable digital strategy.

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One of the core reasons for digital transformation is to unlock revenue by delivering a modern customer journey. Our experienced design team leverages proven techniques that combine art and science to address unmet customer needs, solve real business problems, and unlock profitability.

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Data Governance

The overall management of data creation, availability, usability, integrity, and security is referred to as data governance. The base is broad, but our solutions are specific. Our data science team is your fastest route to effective data utilization.

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Platform Technology

It is impossible to discuss digital transformation without technology. In fact, too many customers only think technology. While that is a mistake, not understanding the right technologies is a bigger mistake, and not having the right partner is the biggest.

Today’s major technology platforms are all great, so the difference in a good implementation versus a bad one is your investment in your partner. We recognize that technology implementations serve a business goal, and therefore have aligned our business around yours. The best technical consultants paired with business acumen is why Object Edge has the most implementations in our largest technology stacks.

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Change Management

Often the most under-appreciated leg of digital transformation is quite possible the most important. How your people and processes adapt to leverage you new technologies has a highly weighted impact on whether you achieve the value proposition you planned for. Object Edge’s time-tested methodology will correctly assess the impact of technology on your people and processed, and then craft the training necessary to ensure you are ready for your enterprise 2.0.

Product SKU Management

Your product data will form the backbone of the digital experiences you provide. The right product content brings your services and products to life online, and more importantly, makes them infinitely more discoverable. Our content team can handle: on-brand SKU images, 3D modeling of configurable SKUs, rich long form descriptions, normalized SKU names, proper attributes (i.e. weight), and taxonomy.

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