Successful retailers are not content with simply keeping up with what their competitors are doing. Instead, they constantly define and redefine their customers shopping experience to look for ways to make it more engaging and more responsive to their needs. In so doing, they generate delight, inspire loyalty, attract new audiences – and coincidentally also reap substantial returns on their investment and establish themselves as leaders in their field.

No matter how old of a player a particular industry is, to maintain their momentum, forward-thinking retailers have to constantly contend with the shifts and changes happening in and around the industry that can help optimize and improve the current conversion rates. Segmenting the incoming visitors as per the relevancy of their needs and giving them a personalized experience is another challenge altogether. Having a fully equipped platform that can cope up with the pace of the ever increasing business needs is another must for a successful online retail business. Attracting the customers is one thing but retaining it is another. The retailers must have a system to analyze the performance metrics and easy-to-use solutions for advanced customer targeting.


Object Edge Retail Pack

Object Edge Retail Pack is a comprehensive Commerce package focused on retail. It comes inbuilt with a number of features that makes it a ready-to-use solution, allowing for a quick go-to-market and adoption of best-of-breed retail practices. A typical Oracle Commerce implementation could take more than a year. This period can be reduced by as much as 30% with the use of Object Edge Retail Pack.

Object Edge Retail Pack is built on Oracle Commerce, well- supplemented by Object Edge accelerators. Object Edge has developed these accelerators over a number of implementations, while gaining a deep insight into the retail domain.

Object Edge Retail Pack Accelerators – EXAMPLES


Many eCommerce retailers often offer product bundles. Bundling works by o offering two or more products together for one at price. It may or may not be o offered with a discount.

Bundling enhances user’s shopping experience by giving them more options on products they might like. Retailers use bundling to increase sales—by bundling overstocked items with popular items especially when offered at a discount.

Our customers have seen more than 4% increase in sales with bundles. With our automated bundling, merchandisers sit back and make the channel make the money.


Frequently Bought Together




Looks is a commerce concept mainly used in fashion and retail industry. Looks is bundling complementary products together as one package where user can choose a few items or all of the products o ered. One typical example of Looks is a model wearing the latest haute couture with matching accessories. Such presentation of products help customers imagine the way they would dress themselves.


Adding a stamp is a way of grasping customer attention towards special products. The specialty could be an offer running on the product like a discount or a shipping promotion or just some information about the product that customers would be interested in like best price, new release, etc. Stamps are usually designed as a text or an image overlay on product images or description.



Object Edge has extensive experience in the retail industry and specific experience in helping with all of the issues mentioned above. We have successfully implemented complex solutions for our clients in the retail and fashion industry that have given them measurable returns on their investment. Our deep domain knowledge and technology expertise might be just what you need to find the answers and solutions to all of your questions. One of Object Edge’s retail solutions is its Retail Pack—a comprehensive Commerce package focused on retail. It is built on Oracle Commerce, well-supplemented by Object Edge accelerators. It comes inbuilt with a number of features that makes it a ready-to-use solution, allowing for a quick go-to-market and adoption of best-of-breed retail practices.

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