We help transform businesses with innovative commerce implementations that consider all relevant factors – the specific niche, target clientele, brand image, product positioning and overall growth strategy, among others – so our clients can take a quantum leap forward in terms of growth, sales and market share. We help you consolidating sales, management, and service at a single platform created for omnichannel commerce and puts the customer first.

Whether you are a start up deploying Oracle Commerce solution for the first time or an established enterprise expanding the horizon to reach more audience. We implement commerce solutions that is completely aligned with our clients’ business strategy and objectives and ensure that their brand message is consistent regardless of the customer touchpoint; be it web, mobile, social media, or other media.




With our solutions clients can personalize the product offerings for every individual visitor to boost the sales and deepen the customer engagement.

Our decades of experience in implementing transformative, enterprise-level commerce systems for a wide range of domains has given us the experience to know when a specific application will work straight out of the box and when customizations will have to be made to better align the solution to the client’s specific use scenario.

Oracle Commerce Services

Architecture Consulting

Object Edge team is known for its Oracle Commerce architects with more than 15+ years of experience. Our team works very closely with Oracle Commerce products team to exchange ideas and showcase innovations. We have done several engagements of architectural assessments and remedies that aligns with the goals of the business.

Platform Upgrade

Having worked on the Oracle Commerce platform for many years, we have upgraded our existing clients and also called upon to do upgrade with new clients with newer versions of the platform. We have a upgrade methodology and framework that makes it easy and reliable in performing such upgrades. Even if your platform is in ATG 9.x, do not worry, we can help you.

Performance Tuning

We have very high standards when it comes to performance and we keep pushing the envelope. Our goal of getting requests served under 100 ms (couple of years ago) when the servers are at peak capacity has been upped to 60 ms this year. And we did the successfully. Implementing features on Oracle Commerce platform is one thing, but doing it in a way with excellent performance is another.

Platform Implementation

When you select Oracle Commerce as the platform, you’ve taken the first step towards growth and success. The second and most important step is to pick a partner. With our many years of experience, we have made it easy for businesses to adapt a platform that will become their backbone of ecommerce success. Our methodology, accelerators, architecture, project management and performance tuning all work to provide you the best implementation possible.

Oracle Commerce Endeca Search Tuning

Oracle Commerce Endeca is a very powerful search engine only when you tune it and use it to your advantage. Search tuning on an ecommerce site is not a simple exercise and it requires considerations across your well tuned search category and listing pages, SEO, friendly URLs. These concepts overlap and every change you do will affect something else. Our search tuning experts can help with tuning the site search to make it easy for your customers to find products.

Our Methodology

We follow a mature implementation methodology that features the following key aspects


Domain Specificity

Our business and technology experts are fully aware that a retail commerce implementation is inherently different from a banking commerce implementation. Each project has unique needs and challenges and we are fully equipped to advise our clients regarding the best options for their specific needs.


Technology Accelerators

We have developed technology accelerators that enable up to 50% reductions in development time, giving our clients huge cost savings and a host of other benefits.



We incorporate automation into almost all aspects of the implementation process – from development to release, environment validation and functional testing – to minimize errors and greatly reduce implementation time.



We recognize the importance of having our customers come onboard and learn the ins and outs of the implementation. We spend time with our customer’s business and technology teams to ensure that they are fully trained with the best practices of using the new platform.


Testing and Monitoring

We believe that a good implementation should have monitoring built in. Our accelerators can monitor systems, services and metrics to give our customers an accurate snapshot of the implementation at any given time. We test extensively throughout the whole implementation process to ensure that no errors are present, so that customers can enjoy a seamless experience when the system is finally up and running.