How do you expose your B2B catalog to be browsed by your customers in less than 90 days?

How do you expose your B2B catalog to be browsed by your customers in less than 90 days?

For almost all B2B manufacturers, distributors, or VARs, the decision to sell online is a complicated equation involving channel conflict vs future revenue. You have to be very careful you don’t cannibalize or alienate your current primary sales channels, but you also realize that in the blink of an eye your distributors, who survive on thin margins, could disappear or be the victims of consolidations.

In this environment, you have to have a multi-channel customer outreach strategy. Forrester in a recent study found that organizations that offered multi-channel touch-points (very different than multi-channel sales options) saw a 17% increase in Average Order Value. Now, the obvious choice might be to launch an online eCommerce store, but we believe even an intermediate step of allowing your current customers to browse your catalog will have a material impact on your top and bottom line revenue. In addition, this will actually engage your current channels in a positive way, as the research shows this will help them make more sales. This approach is easily extensible, allowing you to easily add quoting and even eCommerce without throwing away any of your capital or operational investments.


But how do you go about attaining this first step of allowing customers to browse your catalog? For this very specific problem, three industry leaders (Object Edge, BloomReach and Salsify) have joined forces to provide you an all-inclusive solution. In this solution we will:

Take your current ERP catalog, and create an online catalog. This is a critical step, because the way that your SKU data is created is the #1 factor of how easy it will be for your customers to discover your products via search and category browsing. To do this we evaluate your ERP catalog and
a. We write your titles
b. We write your short and long descriptions in your brand voice
c. We create three professional and beautiful SKU images per non-configurable SKU
d. We create and organize all your SKU attributes
e. We create your SKU taxonomy
We configure the cloud-based, highly rated Salsify product information management system to give you a modern place from which to maintain and publish this new catalog. Many companies make the mistake of trying to maintain a digital-ready catalog in their ERP. This is short-sighted, because no ERP allows you to easy search, update, and syndicate your catalog. With Salsify, you can do all this easily, and their pre-built Amazon, Walmart, and CMS feeds will save you a lot of integration expenses down the road.
Configure and install the industry-leading BloomReach DXP, from where you can publish a beautiful online channel that reflects your brand voice. BloomReach even lets you auto-merchandize’ your pages with advanced AI, saving you much of the operational expenses that continuously having to manually merchandise your product listing pages generally costs.
Provide all program management, development, testing and deployment is included.
Provide complete training and operational assistance on your new tools.

For most B2B organizations this first step of launching a beautiful, browsable, maintainable catalog is a daunting task that usually takes several tries. Allow three industry leading partners to come together for you and solve this problem for you right the first time.

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