Consultant Commerce Empowerment..


Consultants are the primary marketing target rather than the final customer. Each of these consultants – which number in the millions – has to be given access to a micro-site that allows them to project their individuality in terms of content, community, experience, and commerce.



Natura sells CFT (Cosmetics, Fragrances & Toiletries) products through direct selling. Its sales consultants bring their personal relationships to the table, which is analogous to how large financial organizations sell services through financial advisors.


Object Edge had to devise a solution for automatically resolving commissions. Since Natura deals with more than a million consultants, closing each and every sale with a secondary transaction just to disburse commissions would substantially add to online transaction complexity.

Consultant Individuality
The Natura web site allows consultants to showcase their individuality through photographs, consultant specialties, accomplishments, and community events. It also enables access to the consultants’ social media presence. All of this is available with a single click, right on the home page.

  • Consultant Commerce Empowerment
  • A Separate Web Site for Consultant Facilitation
  • Profile Customization
  • Blogs