The healthcare industry is not immune to the tectonic shifts currently happening in the global business arena brought on by rapid advances in technology, changes in consumer habits, regulatory pressures, and an increasingly mobile marketplace.

With traditional consumers now clamoring for the same convenience, speed, and responsiveness that they have come to expect from electronically-savvy industries such as telecommunications and retail, healthcare industry decision makers now need to ask themselves questions such as:


How fast can we onboard products that move fast in the market with complete cross channel consistency?


Can our platform support the high volume of traffic on product launches?


How do we configure our e-commerce solution so it can set up operational parameters based on our B2B supplier and client contracts?


Are our analytics capabilities robust enough to handle the vast amounts of data we deal with on a daily basis?


Object Edge has extensive experience in the healthcare domain and counts major industry players in the U.S. in its client roster. Our business analysts and business architects have deep expertise in the HIPAA X12 transaction set (both 4010 and 5010), while our technology architects are adept at solving issues specific to the healthcare domain. This allows us to offer our services with full confidence, knowing that we have both the capability and the industry knowledge to deliver the right answers for all of your questions.

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