Financial service providers are increasingly faced with pressure to find creative solutions for improving their bottom line due to the current volatility of the global financial climate.

But with increased uncertainty also comes greater opportunities and it is up to financial business leaders to find the answers to questions such as:


Does our technology platform support automated multi-language, multi-format correspondence generation?


How can we simplify our workflow by leveraging bank and country-specific calculators for interests and multiple commission types?


Are we keeping up with new technology, or are we losing ground to innovative, non-traditional competitors?


How do we improve our customer experience so that we can develop lasting, profitable relationships even as their expectations are changing?


How do we deal with governance and regulatory issues without slowing down or adversely affecting the efficiency of our day-to-day operations?


How do we manage the vast amounts of sensitive data we process on a daily basis?


Object Edge is intimately familiar with the financial industry’s unique pain points, having worked in the financial services industry for nearly 20 years. We have extensive experience in developing and implementing SOA/ESB based middleware that integrates our clients’ existing ecosystem – including administration servers, B2C websites and B2A extranets – with full transparency and seamless inter-operability.

Our successful projects in the financial services sector cover a wide range of sub-sectors and deployments including:

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