Chemmart® Pharmacy Launches Online Store


Chemmart® had to deal with the following pain points that are unique to the pharmacy domain:

  • Patients are linked to customers, i.e. profiles had to be modeled with sub-profiles
  • System had to cater to statutory requirements that required capturing of extensive information for each prescription purchase. The same had to be persistent against the patient sub-profile, so that the information can be pre-populated in the next purchase.
  • Extensive validation for prescription purchase based on complex Australian healthcare rules
  • Varied Prescription Pricing dependent on the patient’s status in the Australia Public Benefits Scheme
  • Scheduled prescription reminders to send out reminder emails to customers based on their past orders, while catering to their preferences, such as reminder frequency etc.



Chemmart® Pharmacy, a national retail pharmacy brand in Australia, with 300+ franchise stores, decided to launch an ecommerce website.


Object Edge developed an e-commerce site that gave every Chemmart® franchisee the flexibility to define its own prices. The e-commerce platform supports 300+ franchisee stores, with each store defining its own prices and catalog. Each store will have its own inventory and the system catered to extensive business rules for purchase, based on inventory. The online store, while allowing customers to shop from any of the franchise stores, had several features that allowed them to identify a store best-matched to their needs and preferences.

  • Catalog Management
  • Loyalty Management
  • Order Management Application
  • Content Driven Commerce