About Object Edge


We’re a Commerce Solutions Company with a focus in Oracle Commerce Technology, Mobility, and OE Digital. We are recognized Oracle Specialized Commerce Partner and have won many awards for our customers and ourselves.

Our team of systems integration specialists and e-commerce experts have helped Fortune 500 customers and global e-commerce companies design, implement, and roll-out large-scale commerce platforms to meet their growing online commerce needs.

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Leading Innovations that Impact Every Business

Object Edge is a tightly knit, highly experienced team of senior architects, application system designers, developers, data analysts, data scientists and business engineers.

Meet our leadership team

  • Amarjeet Garewal
    Amarjeet Garewal Founder, President
  • Igor Abramovich
    Igor Abramovich Chief Technology Officer
  • Rohit Garewal
    Rohit Garewal President - OE Digital
  • Kiran Gawde
    Kiran Gawde Director of Information Technology
  • Ram Subramanian
    Ram Subramanian Business Advisor
  • Lakshmi KP
    Lakshmi KP Director of Business Engineering
  • Eugenio Pretto
    Eugenio Pretto Director of Object Edge Brazil


Object Edge focuses on creating an open and innovative environment where all employees have ample freedom to use their creativity to solve client problems and still be compliant with industry needs. We have goal-oriented team members who do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Every employee has a story to tell – whether working as a software architect, designer, engineer, customer relationship manager, or business consultant – the challenging projects we undertake allow them to stretch themselves professionally. We believe in encouraging ownership of tasks, rewarding initiative, and promoting an entrepreneurial spirit in the company. We’re a non-hierarchical organization that values both personal and professional growth, and operates as a true meritocracy.

  • One of the best things about working at Object Edge is the willingness of all employees to help one another learn. Even the senior developers will work with the newest interns to teach them, help them debug their code, or guide them through the best design. There are plenty of opportunities to grow your skills, take ownership of project features, and work with a variety of people, customers, and technologies.

    Charlene Braski
    Charlene Braski Object Edge USA
  • What I love about working at Object Edge is that the leadership is always willing to let you try new things and learn a new skill. Anytime I’ve wanted to try something out, be it a new design or learning how to code, there was always a real life project for me to work on.

    Latoya Hall
    Latoya Hall Object Edge USA
  • Object Edge is a very welcoming company, everyone is close and connected, even miles and miles away. We work with industry leaders, thriving to be the best at our jobs and embracing new practices as fast as we can.

    Pedro Viegas
    Pedro Viegas Object Edge Brazil